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Cedar Wood Care Instructions

How To Care For Your Cedar Wood Furniture

Northern White and Western Red Cedar are some of the most sought-after woods that are ideal for many outdoor and indoor uses. It is a fine grained wood that is durable and resistant to rotting and insects. Because cedar is a top choice for carefree living, it can be left natural or it can be painted or stained to match any decor.

Left untreated, both Western Red and Northern White Cedar will weather to a beautiful soft silver gray. Untreated cedar is natural and pleasing, however, the wood is porous and over the long term may become discolored if left in damp or shaded areas. A 20 percent solution of household bleach in water with one ounce of detergent per gallon will usually remove the stain. Even after years of exposure, cedar can be refinished to its natural bright clean appearance.

Many folks prefer to allow their cedar furniture to age naturally outdoors. Over time the color will weather to a handsome silver gray highlighted by darker streaks, and the grain of the wood will become slightly raised.

For protection that helps enhance and maintain wood's natural color, Thompsons Seal Clear Wood Protector gives you beautiful protection against damage from water and sun. This also provides a mildew resistant coating. It's oil enriched formula provides long lasting protection. Wood must be clean and dry prior to application. Not recommended for application over previously painted or stained wood.

If you would like to preserve the freshly sanded cedar with some added color, we recommend that you use two coats of stain with a UV inhibitor such as Sikkins. Every second year you might re-apply a coat of stain to freshen the finish. Little or no sanding preparation or primer is needed when you use a stain. Stain is breathable and will repel moisture, therefore, no blistering or peeling.

Well dried cedar accepts paint fine but is not recommended. There are some many stains with great colors and it is easy to apply.

If you decide to paint cedar, the natural color and grain of the wood will be concealed. So many great colors are now available to accent your decor. Our furniture is also popular with artists who paint flowers, natural scenes, or whimsical patterns right on the furniture. If you love getting creative with a paintbrush, check out our cedar log picnic table - a blank canvas just waiting for your artistic touch. Follow the directions on the manufacturer's product for the best application methods.

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