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Decorative Turtle Tiles

Beautiful High Gloss Raised-Relief, Hand-Painted Decorative Tiles and Trivets. Vivid colors that will never fade.

Each Tile has a cork back and hanger. Great as a coaster, trivet or wall hanging. These tiles look great in a kitchen, bath, office, or even a child's room. If desired you can remove the backing and grout the tiles into a wall. This also applies to our 3x3 magnet tiles. Just remove the magnet, if desired, and use like regular decorative tiles. Great Gift Item! Our tiles come in a variety of sizes from 2x2 up to 11x14. Please, follow the thumbnails below to view large images and a full selection of sizes for each tile!

Our Turtle Tiles Express Your Shining Delight In Earth's Majestic Oceans!


"The happiness of the bee and the dolphin is to exist. For man it is to know that and to wonder at it."


So said Jacques Yves Cousteau, whose exuberant feelings for the world's oceans never dulled throughout his long life. Ours is a water planet, 70% covered in oceans, lakes, rivers and steams. For so many of us, the creatures of the sea evoke feelings of mystery, admiration and curiosity. If thinking about a sea turtle gracefully cruising the ocean makes you happy, why not express that good feeling in your home? Our turtle tiles are beautifully hand-painted, showcasing the spirit of these amazing sea creatures. They may be grouted into any tiling project, used as wall art or fine coasters. Decorative tiles offer you a chance to personalize different rooms in your home so that they say something about the people who live there, and if you love the sea and turtles, our turtle tiles will let what delights you shine through!


Turtle Tile A Turtle Tile Theme Makes A Serene And Charming Room
They've inhabited the Earth for 200 million years and some have been known to live for more than 150 years. Here is an animal that bespeaks calm, patience and wisdom with a humble form and sage face that charms so many of us. Divers have reported feeling utter joy when one of the giant sea turtles has allowed them to hitch a short ride through the waves and those of us who live near woodland ponds treasure the sight of tiny turtles sunning themselves on the rocks. If you are looking to add a timeless, classic symbol to a bathroom, fireplace, counter top or mosaic, allow us to suggest turtle tiles for your consideration.


A very effective use of tiles as decorative as the turtle tiles featured on this page is to mix them in with beautifully-glazed solid color tiles. Imagine a counter top done in earth tones - maybe sage green or copper, embellished randomly with focal points of turtle tiles. Tiles are so square and blocky, they can accidentally lead those new at interior design to line them up like rows of dull soldiers. For a more natural, interesting finished look, aim for a more scattered placement of plain tiles vs. picture ones. The end result will be freer and draw the eye here and there, rather than looking like a blank because the pattern is too regimented. Our advice - let our turtle tiles swim freely about your project and you'll love the effect!


For a long time, our culture thought of space as the 'final frontier', but over the past few decades, scientists have taught us that our own seas are virtually unexplored territory. Do you know that to date we have explored less than 5% of the Earth's oceans? Our first trips into the deep have yielded wonders, marvels and oddities that might just as well hail from outer space, so 'alien' are they! Imagine a world of fish flashing neon lights, giant turtles and lakes of salt on the ocean floor.

See photos of one of our customers' nautical tile installation projects.

Your Beautiful High Gloss Raised-Relief, Hand-Painted Decorative Tile with it's vivid colors has many uses.

  • Use it in the kitchen as a trivet, coaster or spoon rest
  • Hang on the wall as Art in your Living Room, Bathroom, Kitchen, Bedroom and Halls to enhance your rooms décor
  • Some of the tiles have a built in stand so you can display on a desk or shelf
  • Can be hung outside under a covered porch or patio
  • Use in your bathroom & kitchen tile design
  • Use as a backsplash in your kitchen, bath or around your fireplace (to use as a regular tile to be grout into the wall, soak the tile in hot water to loosen the glue that holds the cork backing. Remove the cork backing & install the wall tile as you would any other tile)

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Don't see the Turtle Tile you're looking for?
The tiles and trivets above represent just a fraction of our stock. Chances are, we've got the decorative tile you want, even if you don't see it here. Simply e-mail us at to ask if we've got the tile of your dreams in stock!

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