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Top 10 Decorative Tiles - Ceramic Tile Review

The most popular art tiles being used to beautify America's kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms and living spaces.

Whether a homeowner is looking to add that perfect touch of color to a lovely room, or bring a drab corner of the house to life, decorative tiles are one of America's top choices for meaningful home decor. Imagination is sparked by a favorite animal, flower, or perhaps a still life of fruit for the kitchen. If you're looking for inspiration, our list of the top 10 decorative tiles our clients seem to reach for again and again is sure to get you thinking about what the perfect choice will be for accenting your home.

The decorative tiles featured here are of special value, as they are multi-purpose. They feature a backing which makes them suitable for wall hanging, but the backing may be removed so that the tiles can be incorporated into counters, backsplashes, fireplaces or what have you. The rich, full-color designs are the work of skilled artists including Kathleen Parr McKenna, Carol Eldridge and Claudia Sanchez. We invite you to get inspired by our list of Top 10 Decorative Tiles!

Manatee Tile 1) Manatee Tile
The friendly aquatic treasure of Florida's warm waters seems to be beloved by people around the world. Though the manatee is known for his messy eating habits, this colorful tile makes a neat addition to the bathroom, and is a hit in children's bedrooms.

Sandpiper Tile 2) Sandpiper Tile
Carefree days at the coast, whether you live in the east or the west, are perfectly captured by this scene of three sandpipers dipping their toes in the sea. This decorative ceramic tile is a popular choice among people who are aiming to lend that nautical feel to their home decor.

Under Sail Tile 3) Under Sail Tile
Sail away on the simple beauty of this charming ceramic tile. A nice one for your lakeside cabin or beachfront home.

Dolphin Tile 4) Dolphin Tile
The energetic spirit of the dolphin seems to capture the hearts of so many people. No wonder people yearn to pay tribute to this beautiful and brilliant creature, and this gorgeous ceramic tile is a perfect way to do so.

Cape May Lighthouse Tile 5) Cape May Lighthouse Tile
We know a couple who declares that their happiest vacations have been spent visiting America's lighthouses. The famous Cape May lighthouse has been guiding ships since the mid 1800's, and is a national favorite. Our ceramic lighthouse tiles pay tribute to this part of our history.

Polar Bear Tile 6) Polar Bear Tile
The king of the icy, arctic world fits cozily into any home, and seems especially favored by those who love the arts and crafts of North America's native peoples. This tile is extremely life-like and would be well suited to a living room, bathroom or child's room.

Elephant Tile 7) Elephant Tile
This elephant mother and baby has endeared itself to all elephant lovers, and is one of the most beautiful in our safari tiles. Elephant tiles make a splendid addition to so many decor styles - colonial, old world or new! Also, a beautiful gift for a new baby's room.

Wine Tile 8) Wine Tile
An abundance of good food and good wine bespeaks the bounty of your kitchen in this exquisite decorative tile. Hang it on the wall or build it right into your countertop or backsplash for a look of welcoming warmth.

Iris Tile 9) Iris Tile
Make the language of flowers the language of your home with our Iris tile and other flower tiles. This one looks especially nice in homes featuring English or Asian elements and is painted with very realistic detail.

Yellow Angelfish Tile 10) Yellow Angelfish Tile
Turn your home into a lifelike aquarium with our decorative angelfish tile and other fish tiles. The artists who paint these have truly captured the wonder and mystery of the coral reef and deep sea, and we are not at all surprised that this line of tiles is so popular.

When it comes to home decor, every person's style is as unique as the individual themselves. This is just as it should be. Your home should look like you live there, and we aim to offer ceramic tiles that reflect your personal tastes. Remember, the tiles shown on our site are only a small portion of what we stock. If you don't see something you're looking for, just contact us to ask - chances are, we've got it!
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