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Round 28

Our Price: $435.00

28" High Round Umbrella Table #13A


Handcrafted from real white cedar, our round table with a central hole for an umbrella will be a fabulous addition to your outdoor wood furniture.

However you use this umbrella table, it will add a touch of handcrafted style to your decor and will last you for many years to come. * See assembly instructions below.

  • Dimensions: 48" diameter x 28" high
  • Central hole in the table top and base for an umbrella
  • Manufacturer's 5 year limited warranty
  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • Naturally resistant to decay and insect damage
  • Free Shipping!

When you buy from Cape Cod Treasure Chest, you are guaranteed a quality product, personal service, reliable delivery and as always a great value.

Order today or call us for more information. (508) 487-0250.

Assembling your cedar umbrella table is a breeze with these simple instructions!

How to Assemble Your Cedar Coffee Table Step 1:
Join two of the legs of your cedar umbrella table with the perforated cross-piece. Make sure that the slot on the cross-piece is pointed toward the ground. When you have joined the two legs to the cross-piece, repeat this step with the other two legs and the other cross-piece.

How to Assemble Your Cedar Umbrella Table Step 2:
You will find a third, unperforated cross piece. Attach this piece to the two leg and cross-piece assemblies you have just made as shown to the right. You will now have the complete bottom section of your cedar coffee table assembled.

How to Assemble Your Cedar Umbrella Table Step 3:
Lay the top of your cedar table top-down on the floor. The holes on the bottom of your tabletop should be facing up. Taking your assembled bottom section as completed above, turn it upside-down and fit the tops of the table legs into the holes as shown.

How to Assemble Your Cedar Umbrella Table Step 4:
Now set your cedar table right side up in order to stabilize it. The top should be level and parallel with the ground. If it is slightly off, you can correct this by adjusting the depth to which you have inserted the pieces of the base together.

How to Assemble Your Cedar Umbrella Table Step 5:
For a finishing step, you should nail all of the joints of your table together as shown to the right. This will help to stabilize your beautiful new piece of cedar furniture. Congratulations! Your cedar coffee table is now complete and ready for you to use, indoors or out!

* Complete instructions for assembling your cedar umbrella table will be included with your purchase of this beautiful piece of wood furniture.
Your cedar umbrella table gives your outdoor spaces a holiday air with that rustic cabin look!

Cedar log furniture has been America's choice for decorating dream vacation homes at the beach, by the lake, or up in the mountains, for generations. In modern times, home owners have come to so value simplicity in the decor of their main houses, natural woods have become a preferred choice. Unpretentious, sturdy and lovely, this white cedar table is just the right height for a stack of your favorite books and magazines, for a stunning seasonal centerpiece, for putting up your feet, and of course, for coffee and tea time.

Cape Cod Treasure Chest is especially impressed with the clever design of this table. Note the way the logs have been laid to create a fluted edge around the tabletop...pretty as piecrust! White cedar can easily be stained or painted to match your other decor, or can be left as-is for a totally natural look.

The durability of cedar wood means you can take this coffee table with you, indoors and out!

Here on Cape Cod, rapid changes in the weather are a part of daily life. A hot, sunny morning may turn into a foggy afternoon and vice versa. We dress ourselves in layers to meet the mood of the weather, and we greatly appreciate furniture that is as adaptable as we are. Next time you are having a friendly get-together in your garden and the sky turns overcast, you will be able to pick up the refreshments and the table when you own this special white cedar piece. You can keep the party going indoors, no hassle!

Left untreated, cedar will gradually tone to a soft, pearl grey outdoors. Or, you can seal or stain the wood to keep it looking fresh. Quality craftsmanship and design make this a table that will last for years to come and be a credit to your hospitality!

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