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Non Toxic Furniture

Green Your Home by Reducing Chemical Exposure with our Non-Toxic, Cedar Bare Wood Furniture

MCS friendly non toxic sofa Just about everybody has heard of the idea of greening the home environment by now. Replacing light bulbs with the new energy efficient ones. Cleaning with good old vinegar and baking soda instead of detergents. Choosing glass and pottery housewares instead of plastic ones. Converting an unused lawn into a food-producing family garden. That Americans are moving in all sorts of new, exciting green directions may not be news to you, but there are other headlines appearing with more frequency these days that deserve the attention of anyone who wants their home to be a safe abode - a really good place to live!

We're talking about the news that the furnishings you spend the most time around may contribute to ill-health. Most commercial sofas, armchairs, tables, mattresses and other furnishings are treated with chemicals that scientists and researchers are now linking to disorders of the brain, respiratory system, digestive system and other major functional systems of the human body. Memory loss and brain damage, skin rashes, pleurisy, asthma, cancer, birth defects...who knew our couches and beds could be so scary?

More and more these days, we are meeting people with a disorder termed Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS). Maybe these are friends or loved ones who are speaking up and explaining to us that their health is being sapped by an overload of toxins in their daily living environment. Maybe the person with MCS is your precious child, or even yourself, and you are currently researching non toxic furniture because greening your home has just become a must, not just an interesting option. Allergies, autoimmune conditions and MCS know no social or economic boundaries. And, yet, we've noticed that most non toxic furniture is priced as though only the wealthy have health concerns. If green furniture price tags are making you swoon, if you feel like there are no affordable options for your family when it comes to creating a non toxic living space, we hope you will be pleasantly surprised by what we're about to show you.

Our Untreated Bare Wood Cedar Furniture Is Non-Toxic And Family-Budget-Friendly

In addition to offering rock bottom prices on our cedar furniture, we are eager to let you know that our furnishings are absolutely untreated with chemicals. They can be left in their natural state and will slowly weather over time to a soft, pearl grey. If you have been seeking a non toxic sofa, bed, chair, table, futon or other functional piece, please take a good look at what we can offer to you.

Non Toxic Living Room Furniture

non toxic futon frame Let's get down to the basics of what you really need in a living room to be comfortable. Most families need a sofa, a chair or two and perhaps a table of some kind. We are able to meet your needs for these basic pieces with our non toxic, chemical free cedar furnishings. Our Non Toxic Futon Frame provides the framework you'll be building your safe sofa or couch on, or check out our 48" Settee, 4' Settee or 6' Settee for a different sofa choice. Rocking sofas provide a very comforting way to take it easy and we have a tremendous variety of Non-Toxic Coffee Tables and Occasional Tables to complete the picture.

When it comes to comfortable, chemical-free chairs, consider the time-tested appeal of the classic Adirondack Chair which we currently have in 12 different styles. We have beautiful rocking chairs, too! Compare our prices to those you'll find at other cedar furniture websites and you will quickly see that we are offering you the most affordable way to begin refurnishing your home in a healthier way.

Don't forget the kids. We have great non toxic children's furniture. Check out our Junior Log Chair .

But What About Comfort?

You're right. The most comfortable indoor furniture is made up of 2 components: the first is a well-built, sturdy frame and the second is soft cushioning. We're providing you with the quality framework for your new sofas and armchairs here with our non-toxic cedar furniture, and then you have several options open to you for adding the cushions that will complete the picture. Consider these ideas:

  • Make Your Own - If you are a real do-it-yourselfer, you can purchase non-toxic, real latex rubber foam to create your cushions, and purchase organic fabrics to upholster the cushions yourself. Throw pillows can be stuffed with organic filler material.
  • Hire A Pro - Get a local professional upholsterer to custom create the cushions you want for your sofa or chairs. Many upholsterers allow you to provide the fabric for the project, so you can shop for organic cloth, find a bargain and keep your costs low. Or, an upholsterer with green leanings may just have organic upholstery options for you to choose from.

Non Toxic Bedroom Furniture

non toxic bed Major concerns about toxins in the bedroom tend to revolve around the drastic chemicals commercial mattresses are soaked in. If you wake up feeling sick and worn out in the morning, it just might be the result of sleeping with your face against flame retardants and other toxic chemicals. If you suspect that your bed is bringing you sickness rather than rest, don't overlook the frame your mattress is resting on.

Organic mattresses are expensive, though some choosy shoppers have found ways to cut costs by having a large piece of natural latex foam rubber cut to fit their bed frame instead of going the route of springs and coils. Whatever the case, you will be making a serious investment if you have realized you need to replace your mattress because of MCS, a chronic illness, concern for your children or simply for a better night's sleep. Start with a non-toxic bed to be sure you're really rooting out all the chemicals you can.

Our Bare Wood Futon Frame is a great place to start dreaming up your alternative, healthy bed. In addition to this, we have unfinished, chemical-free cedar log beds in Twin, Double, Queen & King Sizes, These are beautifully-made, eco-friendly beds that are built to last for years of happy sleeping.

Our non toxic bedroom furniture collection includes incredibly handsome Dressers and Armoires

Who Sells Organic Mattresses?

Most organic mattresses are made up of a combination of cotton and wool. For those with wool allergies or a need to purchase a wool-free mattress, a doctor's order is required in some states for people who wish to purchase a Vegan organic mattress.

Non Toxic Dining Room Furniture

non toxic dining table Concerns about toxins in the kitchen and dining room are especially important as these are the areas of the home where food is most commonly prepared and eaten. Tables may be coated or finished with toxic stains, paints, or chemical treatments. You'll have peace of mind with our Non Toxic Harvest Family Dining Set. Made of beautiful, natural cedar wood, this is a table that will last your family for years.

We have a large selection of non toxic dining chairs and stools to go with your table. For small dining areas, consider our Five Piece Bistro Set.

If you have always favored upholstered dining chairs, please refer to the websites we've listed above that sell organic fabrics. You can make your own organic seat cushions if you are crafty, or hire a local seamstress to custom craft them for you.

Non Toxic Outdoor Furniture

non toxic outdoor furniture All of us wander outside for fresh air and sunshine, for repose and health. The last thing we want is to mar the wholesomeness of the great outdoors with outdoor furniture that is off-gassing chemicals into our environment. We offer you a tremendous selection of beautiful, quality, non-toxic outdoor furniture that you and your family can feel really good about using.

What Is All This Talk About Toxic Furniture, Anyway?

Until the mid-19th century, there wasn't any such thing as toxic furniture. A chair was a chair. A bed was a bed. The idea of harmfulness just didn't enter into the picture. It was the invention of chemical fabric dyes in the Victorian era, government concern for fire safety and, finally, manufacturers' concern for product longevity that combined to fill American homes with furnishings that scientists are now saying are making us sick. Chemical dyes, flame retardants, fungicides, formaldehyde...who would want to sit on or sleep in these things if given a choice? It's not necessary to place any blame. It's only important that modern people learn what we didn't know 20 or 30 years ago - that many chemicals cause adverse effects on the human body, and that daily exposure to even small doses of these chemicals can damage vital organs and important bodily functions.

Most frequently mentioned in the coverage of toxic furniture are VOCs - volatile organic compounds which off-gas from new furniture. Once upon a time, people liked to brag about that new car smell. Now they drive around with all their windows open trying to let the fumes dissipate over time. Chances are, if you purchase conventionally made and upholstered furniture, it will be off-gassing in your home, exposing you and your family to substances that, it turns out, are quite dangerous. You will not have this experience with our cedar wood furniture, which is untreated with chemicals of any kind.

Is your commercial sofa making you sick? That's not for us to say, but we do believe the recent findings regarding the chemicals commonly used in textile and home furnishing manufacture, and we want our customers to have affordable options for avoiding potential health harms. That's important to us, and we hope that the information and choices we're providing here will make it possible for you to start making your home a healthier, more people-friendly place.

Have questions about our non-toxic furniture? Just give us a call at 508-487-0250.
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