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Malibu Benches

You will find bench designs in many colors that can be used with your other seating around a table or strategically placed alone on your patio, porch, pool deck or in a secluded garden nook.

Our polyethylene furniture is manufactured from recycled dairy and detergent bottles, eliminating the need for harvesting precious wood and reducing pollution and waste in our nation's landfills. It will not splinter, mildew, rot or fall prey to insect activity and the gorgeous colors do not require staining, sealing or painting to keep them vibrant for the long life of the piece.

Malibu Newport 48" Bench with Back

Malibu 48

Our Malibu Benches come in 48" lengths. The perfect resting place on your deck, porch, or patio, or as an accent piece in your garden.

See our 48" Bench with Back >>

Malibu Newport 48" Bench with Arms

Malibu Newport 48

Your choice of a Newport Bench with Arms will enhance your dining set or a special place in your garden.

See our Newport 48" Bench with Arms >>

Malibu Newport 48" Simple Bench

Malibu Newport 48

Our simple bench is perfect to pull up to the table for a few extra guests.

See our Newport 48" Simple Bench >>

Malibu Newport 60" Simple Bench

Malibu Newport 60

Our larger simple bench can be pulled up for extra guests or be a resting place in other settings.

See our Newport 60" Simple Bench >>

About Our Outdoor Malibu Furniture

Our Malibu Outdoor Furniture comes in a variety of exciting colors that can be mixed and matched as you like. Made from 100% Recycled High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE), our furniture resists weathering and is virtually maintenance free, providing years of care-free beauty in your garden or on your deck. Not only is our furniture beautiful and durable, but it helps our environment. The precisely machined components are easily assembled with 316 marine grade stainless steel hardware.

All the Malibu Outdoor Furniture here at Cape Cod Treasure Chest is constructed of the highest grade materials by a diverse workforce with over forty years of experience producing these stunning complements to the landscaping of your outdoor spaces.

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