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Decorative Flower Tiles

Beautiful High Gloss Raised-Relief, Hand-Painted Decorative Tiles and Trivets. Vivid colors that will never fade.

Each Tile has a cork back and hanger. Great as a coaster, trivet or wall hanging. These tiles look great in a kitchen, bath, office, or even a child's room. If desired you can remove the backing and grout the tiles into a wall. This also applies to our 2x2 magnet tiles. Just remove the magnet, if desired, and use like regular decorative tiles. Great Gift Item! Our tiles come in a variety of sizes from 2x2 up to 11x14. Please, follow the thumbnails below to view large images and a full selection of sizes for each tile!

Let Flower Tiles Lend Grace Notes To Your Home


"Deep in their root, all flowers keep the light."


So said American poet, Theodore Roethke, and this quote captures the reason so many of us turn to flowers for bright beauty, inspiration and joy. This sense of the gift of light coming to us from flowers is certainly endorsed by the peoples of Scandinavia who may budget more for bouquets and plants for their homes than anyone else in the world. In the chilly and often dark environs of Scandinavia, men and women strive to create an atmosphere called hygge - a feeling of warm intimacy, conviviality and comfort, assisted by beautiful candles, friendly talk and, of course, lots of flowers. Imagine coming home out of a snowy winter night into a lovely, softly-lit room where you will find grace, charm and warmth and you can understand the meaning of this word. Take a cue from the Scandinavians and enhance your own romance with flowers with our gorgeous, hand-painted flower tiles, creating a mood of delight in your home year-round.


Bird of Paradise Flower Tile Tropical Tiles Transform A Day At Home Into Vacation Time
No gardens grow with more lush generosity than those of the tropics. At, we wanted to emulate that abundance with not just one or two Tropical Flower Tiles, but with a dazzling array for you to choose from. We've got Birds Of Paradise, Hibiscus, Trumpet Tree, Ginger, Protea, Heliconia, Anthurium, Canna Lilies, Bromeliads, Orchid tiles and more for your consideration as you plan a tile project that will capture the lavish landscape of tropical climes. If you've always been drawn to the mysterious beauty of the tropics, but live too far north to replicate this around your home, our hand-painted, decorative Tropical Tiles are ready to bring the plants of paradise right to your door!


Bathrooms seem to be a natural choice when it comes to Tropical Tiles, the moist atmosphere hinting at the balmy dampness of South American rainforests and volcanic isles in the Pacific. Imagine an expertly tiled shower or bath, punctuated here and there with bursts of color from tropical blooms. The high color value of our Tropical Tiles will bring instant life to tile projects where the other components are of low color value, such as earth tone tiles or stone slabs. Stagger the decorative tiles with the simpler elements for a sense of surprise and naturalness.


We also highly recommend our Tropical tiles for outdoor tile projects, turning a patio into a jungle grotto, a bird bath into a forest pool or a simple table into a colorful work of art. If you ever have the luck to travel to places like Ecuador, Tahiti or the Caribbean, you will instantly note the local love of bright color, both in plants and in home decor. Old colonial houses are painted as brightly as candy, and gorgeous tiles bedeck courtyards, walls and fountains. Who can feel dull when looking at a rainbow profusion of blossoms? Our Tropical Tiles will take your mind on a mini-vacation whenever you look at them and we suggest you incorporate them into your home with a lavish hand!


Sunflower Tile Sunflower Tiles Gleam With Gorgeous Color And Light!
Looking for a truly American floral touch to add to your home? The sunflower is your natural choice, comprising not only stunning, bright beauty, but also, the ancient history of the land you call home. For more than 4000 years, sunflowers have been cultivated by Indigenous Americans, starting in Mesoamerica and eventually spreading all over both continents. The celebrated account, Buffalo Bird Woman's Garden, provides one of the most detailed summaries of the historic use of sunflowers amongst the Hidatsa Tribe of North America. These expert farmers grew fabulous fields of sunflowers, the seeds of which were ground into a meal that was used in breads and stews. Often, the meal was formed into a ball-like cake that was a super-food, nibbled by travelers and workers throughout the day to give them strength and energy. If you are proud of the bounty of America, imagine the shining sunflowers that have been reflecting back the golden light of the sun for millennia across these verdant lands. Our hand-painted, ceramic Sunflower Tiles will bring both a colorful glow and a nod to history into your home, anywhere you use them.


Sunflower Tiles make a bold addition to any kitchen counter top or backsplash, grouting in well with other single-color tiles for an artisan look. We also recommend them for tile mosaics and borders in children's rooms and nurseries. In a child's surroundings, Sunflower Tiles add real cheer, and who knows, they may inspire the world's next Luther Burbank to take a budding interest in botany! Not living in your dream home yet and dealing with an ugly old bathroom? Do an instant, affordable makeover with Sunflower tiles adhered with velcro, covering up unsightly tiles or bringing new life to an out-of-date color scheme. See our super article: Velcro Tiles For A Quick Bathroom Makeover. We provide the gorgeous Sunflower Tiles and you provide your great imagination, making your home a statement about the people who live in it and the things they love!


Your Beautiful High Gloss Raised-Relief, Hand-Painted Decorative Tile with its vivid colors has many uses.

  • Use it in the kitchen as a trivet, coaster or spoon rest
  • Hang on the wall as Art in your Living Room, Bathroom, Kitchen, Bedroom and Halls to enhance your rooms décor
  • Some of the tiles have a built in stand so you can display on a desk or shelf
  • Can be hung outside under a covered porch or patio
  • Use in your bathroom & kitchen tile design
  • Use as a backsplash in your kitchen, bath or around your fireplace (to use as a regular tile to be grout into the wall, soak the tile in hot water to loosen the glue that holds the cork backing. Remove the cork backing & install the wall tile as you would any other tile)

Don't see the Flower Tile you're looking for?
The tiles and trivets above represent just a fraction of our stock. Chances are, we've got the decorative tile you want, even if you don't see it here. We've got Hibiscus, Orchid, Azalea, Rose, Hydrangea, Hollyhock, Buttercup, Bachelors Buttons and many, many more. Simply e-mail us at to ask if we've got the tile of your dreams in stock!

Flowers and fruit go together. See our beautiful fruit tiles.
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