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Meet 4 Of The Artists Behind Our Appealing Ceramic Tile Patterns

Kathleen Parr McKenna, Claudia Sanchez, Eileen Rosenfeld and Carol Eldridge design tile patterns of distinction.

When it comes to ceramic tile patterns, designs are as unique as the artists who create them. Realism, impressionism, dreamy watercolor, folk and modern art all have a place in the decorative wall tile world. You get to choose which patterns deserve a place in your home. We thought you might like to learn a bit more about some of the American artists who design some of our most popular tile patterns here at Cape Cod Treasure Chest!

ceramic tile patterns by Kathleen Parr McKenna

Kathleen Parr McKenna

Give your kitchen a gourmet touch with Kathleen Parr McKenna's gleaming food and wine tiles. If you glory in garlic and cheer for Cabernet, chances are, you will appreciate the work of this celebrated American artist

Kathleen Parr McKenna's gallery, The Watercolor Collection, is home base for this acclaimed Wisconsin artist. Her educational background is impressive, including art studies at Interlochen Arts Academy, Lake Michigan College and the American Academy of Art in Chicago.

"My paintings celebrate a passion for color, a reverence for nature, and a love for the medium of watercolor. My techniques have excitement and variety and bring out tremendous positive form. There is a unique quality of freshness and life," says McKenna, and her pleasure in color is evident when one looks at the rich patterns she creates for ceramic tiles and other gift items. View this artist's Ceramic Tile Patterns in our Decorative Wall Tile Collection

ceramic tile patterns by Claudia Sanchez

Claudia Sanchez

Claudia Sanchez's colorful California cats have pattered into people's hearts around the world. Her modern art approach captures the spirit of those changeful creatures - cats - in a way that has won acclaim from art collectors everywhere.

Claudia Sanchez lives and works in the Napa Valley - the famous Wine Country region of Northern California. After devoting much of her working life to the high tech scene, Sanchez decided to pursue her artistic dreams, and she was soon showing in the well-known art galleries of her native tourist-destination locale. Her portfolio now totals well over 100 cats, most of which are based upon her own beloved pets and if you are a kitty fan, you will appreciate Sanchez's light, fun touch.

Living rooms, bathrooms and children's rooms take on an instant atmosphere of playfulness when decorated with the humorous tile patterns created by Claudia Sanchez. The artist has a special feeling for abstracts that results in an appearance of vivid life in her work. Doesn't it look like this furry friend is ready to cuddle up with you? View this artist's Ceramic Tile Patterns in our Cat Tile Collection

ceramic tile patterns by Eileen Rosenfeld

Eileen Rosenfeld

Eileen Rosenfeld's eye for decorative detail is so sought after that her portfolio includes contracts with the likes of J.C.Penny, Valley Forge Flag Inc., The Ullman Company, Keller Charles, Caswell-Massey, Converting Company, Lenox Brands, U.S. Cam Company and Excel. Bright colors and a folk art appeal make tiles like Rosenfeld's a welcome addition to almost any home.

Eileen Rosenfeld's professional credentials include a degree from the Parsons School of Design, and her creations extend well beyond the world of decorative tiles. Her patterns are featured on tableware, flags, clocks and other home decor treasures.

Rosenfeld's pretty touch with vegetables, florals and holiday motifs makes for wonderful gift giving. We are proud to be able to share her talents with you.

View this artist's Ceramic Tile Patterns in our Vegetable Tile Collection

ceramic tile patterns by Carol Eldridge

Carol Eldridge

"The beach and coastal trend has taken on new life with the popularity of beach houses, home decor that reflects this lifestyle, coastal living magazines, and the idea of the beach as a place to relax," says artist Carol Eldridge. Her whimsical beach scenes are perfect for bringing that seaside feeling to any home, whether you live on Cape Cod or in the middle of Ohio!

Eldridge is a Massachusetts-based artist and designs for quality companies like GiftCo and Home Comfort Rugs. Her colorful coastal motifs include sand pails, flip flops and plenty of bright beach umbrellas. Her color palettes are inviting and varied, and the scenes she depicts give you a real holiday-at-the-sea feeling. Consider adding Carol Eldridge's stylish tile patterns to your bathroom, a child's nursery or a nautical-themed living room.

View this artist's Ceramic Tile Patterns in our Nautical Tile Collection

Showcasing appealing artwork is affordable and easy with decorative tiles

The whole point of decorating your home is to turn a blank space into an inviting area that says something true about your personal taste. You could give the same room to 10 different people to decorate, and all 10 of them would arrive at something totally personal, from colors, to furnishings to those special little items that say, "I live here."

At Cape Cod Treasure Chest, we are offering you more than a dozen categories of tile patterns to choose from because we believe that you'll enjoy finding ways to make your home all about you with quality works of art at affordable prices. Few of us can budget for buying fine art originals, but even a small investment in a few decorative tiles can work wonders for your living space and give you the chance to showcase the creations of talented American artists. Whether you're installing a backsplash or simply want a new colorful trivet for the kitchen, we're eager for you to find what you love here at Cape Cod Treasure Chest!

Have you redone a space in your home with tiles purchased from Cape Cod Treasure Chest? Send us photos of your project, share your pride in your creative home improvements with us. We're really interested.


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