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Cedar Settees

Make the most of your living space with beautiful White Cedar furniture. It's comfortable and maintenance free. Your room will become an inviting space to be when you furnish it with carefully chosen pieces that enhance the decor of your home or retreat. Our selection of cedar settees offer the ultimate in ease and relaxation at truly affordable prices.

Camel Back Settee #506C
Camel Back Settee #506C
Price: $499.00
High Back Settee #6B
High Back Settee #B6BKD
Price: $325.00
Garden Teaset 7TT
Garden Teaset Lounge #B7TTKD
Price: $395.00
Cedar 4' Settee #6
Cedar 4 ft. Settee #6
Price: $270.00
Cedar 6' Settee #7
Cedar 6 ft. Settee #7
Price: $279.00

Cedar outdoor furniture stands the test of time, come rain or come shine!

Prized for its durability, cedar wood will stand up to some pretty rough treatment and even, neglect. Left unstained, it mellows to a soft silvery grey over time. It can also be sealed and stained, if you choose. Mix and match outdoor furniture styles for an easy, lived-in look. Outdoor living is all about casual, quality time spent with loved ones, or simply enjoying nature. Here on Cape Cod, we set our outdoor furniture up to face the water, but you'll find your rocker or cedar chair will become favorite retreat for watching birds or admiring the newest blooms in your garden. Place a cedar table nearby, add a tray of snacks, a pretty vase of flowers and you're ready for an impromptu garden party when unexpected guests arrive for a visit.

Because so many Americans have to spend much of the week indoors on the job, time spent outside has become even more precious for the health of your body and the peace of your spirit. Fresh air and sunshine are as important to us as food and water, and by creating a welcoming outdoor room, you'll find yourself drawn to the outdoors more often, knowing that serenity awaits you there. Once upon a time, our nation was a front-porch culture, with neighbors offering hosptiality to one another and catching up on local events right outside their own front doors. The advent of technologies such as television and computers could make us lose the gentle art of passing the time of day if we're not careful! Why not make your yard, garden or patio a place your family and friends love to be, if only to spend a few happy moments, chatting about the weather?

Pull up a seat with Cape Cod Treasure Chest's selection of cedar outdoor furniture. The simple things in life are coming back in style, neighbor.

Our untreated bare wood cedar furniture is non-toxic. If you have a loved one with allergies, multiple chemical sensitivites (MCS), or an autoimmune condition, you'll be glad to know that the cedar wood in our furniture is absolutely untreated with chemicals of any kind. Reduce toxic emissions and VOCs in your home by using our non toxic furniture as a the framework for all your home furnishing needs. Read all about our non toxic furniture.

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