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Cedar 4' Settee

Our Price: $270.00

Cedar 4' Settee #6


Our Cedar 4' Settee is the perfect piece of outdoor or indoor wooden furniture to accent your garden or home.


  • Dimensions: 47" wide x 28" deep x 28" high
  • Manufacturer's 5 year limited warranty
  • Naturally decay and insect resistant
  • Weight: 41 lbs
  • Free Shipping!

When you buy from Cape Cod Treasure Chest, you are guaranteed a quality product, personal service, reliable delivery and as always a great value.

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cedar settee bench

Find Natural Comfort In Your Home Or Garden With Our Cedar Wood Settee Bench

Valued customer, Todd Peterson, sent us the above photo to show us the place of honor he's given our Cedar Settee Bench on his inviting backyard deck. Todd also purchased our Cedar Bench Set to ensure ample, comfortable seating for all of his guests.

Todd chose to stain his cedar outdoor furnishings with a natural cedar stain, bringing out the vibrant beauty in the wood. Cedar wood readily accepts stains or paint, or can be left untreated so that it will slowly weather to a soft pearly grey. Cedar wood furnishings are naturally weather and insect resistant and this exceptional Cedar Settee Bench has been designed to last for decades of enjoyment indoors or out!

Settle Down On Our Cedar Settee And Rest A Good Long While

Settee is a French word that takes its name from the 17th century term settle - basically, a place for folks to settle comfortably down. Seating for two is common in settee design, and our cedar wood settee provides an ideal spot for the world's best grandma to snuggle up with the kiddies, for courting couples to enjoy the view and one another's company and for friends to gather and relish the garden. The sturdy, beneficial properties of cedar wood make this special bench ideal for your outdoor living space, but many customers are using these sofa-like benches inside the home, as well.

Greening Your Home With Bare Wood Furniture

Have you been concerned by the recent news about commercial sofas and couches containing some pretty scary toxins? Maybe a family member has Multiple Chemical Sensitivities or an autoimmune condition and you're trying to cut down on the offending chemicals in your home environment. Consider the fact that, until very recently, all furniture was basically made of wood, softened by cushions. The trouble started when textile and upholstery manufacturers began using noxious substances to treat fabrics, but it's only in the past couple of decades that researches have begun to realize that it may not be a great idea for people to be inhaling or sitting amongst these factory chemicals. The Green movement is changing the way Americans look at home decor, and many families are finding an ally in bare wood furniture.

Unfinished bare wood furniture like this cedar settee can be used as the framework for a fantastic sofa. The adirondack-like slant of the seat is very comfortable, and customers aiming for green can have cushions custom made of organic fabrics stuffed with an organic filler. Ready-made green sofas can cost thousands of dollars, but if you take a component approach to creating more eco-friendly seating in your home, you can stand to save a lot of money. Simply purchase one of our cedar settees and cushion it with organics. We know how hard it can be to find affordable green furniture, and the price tags sometimes defy belief. We hope our top-quality cedar log settee will come as a welcome surprise to you and get you thinking about a very reasonable way to start reducing toxic chemical exposure in your home without breaking the bank!

Have questions about our cedar settee or our other cedar furniture? Just give us a call at (888) 381-5300. We'll be happy to hear from you!

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