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Bathroom Tile Ideas

Your bathroom shower and backsplash go from drab to dynamic with our ceramic shower tile and bathroom tile designs!

American bathrooms tend to fall into two common genres: sterile white or faintly funky. Many bathrooms are a bland landscape of white and beige. Others may feature a bold area of color tile, but lack a harmonious middle step that integrates bold color into the rest of the room.

One of Cape Cod Treasure Chest's valued customers came to us with a bathroom that met this exact description. Lots of white tile, but then an interesting lower border of small emerald green tiles. The customer decided it was time to take this bi-color scheme to a whole new level by adding special shower tile and backsplash tile elements that both break up the monotony and bring amazing new life to the room.

Bathroom Tile Ideas Photo of Shower Tile Shower Tile Ideas
As you can see from the accompanying photo, this customer is working on incorporating our decorative nautical tiles and fish tiles into the formerly white space in their tile shower.

Rather than approching this project with a regimented, checkerboard mindset, the customer has wisely chosen to scatter these gorgeous shower tiles in a random pattern amongst the white spaces. Shower tile should be treated like pieces of waterproof art. You don't need to install them all in a row! It's going to be much more interesting to have these underwater scenes peeking out here and there like windows into a seascape.

You will also note that the customer has elected to mix up the shower tile sizes they are using. Our ceramic tile designs come in sizes as small as 4" x 4" to as grand as 12" x 12". By mixing tile sizes, the effect is very natural.

Cape Cod Treasure Chest's bathroom tile designs are rich in color and are doing a beautiful job of picking up the bold color that is already present in the lower border of this tile shower.

As you can see, when the grouting is finished and the walls are given a scrub, this tile shower is going to glitter with interest, color, and character.

Backsplash Tile Ideas

Bathroom Tile Ideas Photo of Backsplash Tile

The above photo shows how the customer has continued the nautical theme with the backsplash tile area above the bathroom sink. Here, because the tile space is limited to two rows, the installation of the tile is a bit more uniform in design. The creativity here is in the varied choice of beautiful ceramic tile designs. A palm tree here, a sand dollar there. You can imagine that standing at this bathroom sink will now have a new element of pleasure for both the homeowners and guests.

Here is another customer's shower creation that is a bit more formal as well as fun!

Bathroom Tile Shower Design

This design clusters the tiles and uses one of our turtle tiles diagonally to create more visual excitement

Bathroom Tile Shower Design

Or maybe just a border works better for you!

Bathroom Tile Shower Design

Bathroom tile ideas are as unique as individual people. While the nautical theme tends to lend itself so well to rooms that focus on water, your personal taste might dictate that ceramic tiles featuring fruit designs, flower designs, or vivid birds will be most appealing in your home's best bathroom.

Ceramic Tile Design Image
Why Cape Cod Treasure Chest's Ceramic Tile Design Collection is Special
If you go to your neighborhood home and bathroom decor chain store, chances are your ceramic tile design choices will be limited to mass-produced, generic pieces. Our tiles, by contrast, are designed and handpainted by skilled artists and artisans. Each tile is a little bit different, and this is what makes them works of art that truly deserve a place of honor in your bathroom.

Our customers tell us that we are their favorite place to shop for ceramic tiles because our designs are so realistic. Look at the tropical fish tile shown at right. Doesn't it look like the fish are swimming in a blissful, watery world? If your hope is to create a spa-like retreat in your home's bathroom, we have a glorious selection of exquisite tiles in a variety of motifs that will make it possible for you to create the exact effect you want.

Installing Ceramic Tile from Cape Cod Treasure Chest
Our ceramic tiles have been designed for multi-purpose use. Each tile comes with a removable cork backing - this makes them suitable for use as coasters and trivets. However, if you are about to install shower tile or backsplash tile in your bathroom, simply follow these easy directions to remove the cork backing:

  • Soak the tile in hot water
  • Peel off the cork backing
  • Install as you would any ceramic tile

Bathroom Tile Ideas - Which Will You Choose?
We have 14 fabulous categories of tiles for you to choose from. Let us highlight just a few of our ocean theme pieces if you are looking for shower tile or backsplash tile with that wonderful nautical appeal.

See All Fish Tiles

See All Nautical Tiles

See All Lighthouse Tiles

You'll Be Bragging About Your Bathroom Tiles - We Do!
Our sea-theme ceramic tile designs are so fascinating, a well-known U.S. aquarium recently ordered a large selection of them to redo their facility's public bathrooms in super style!

If you're trying to get bathroom tile ideas and aren't seeing a specific tile you'd like to incorporate into your design, Contact Us. We have thousands of tiles available that are not currently shown on our website. Chances are, we can find you any ceramic tile design you are looking for.

And, if you tile your bathroom with some of our tiles, we'd love to show off your photos here on our website!

Fabulous New Shower Tile Project From A Classy Customer!

Just look at this elegant, spotless, inviting bathroom!

Decorative shower tiles

Hawaii-based customer, Vlad, is redoing some condos on the beach in Waikiki and he sent us photos of this gorgeous remodel of one bathroom shower. Vlad chose some of our beautiful and realistic turtle tiles.

"It is a great success, everybody loves the tiles," says Vlad and doesn't this beachfront bathroom look first class?

ceramic tiles for shower

Nautical Tiles Turn Shower Time Into R&R Time!

We spend hours and hours in the shower every year, and that's time we can be thinking of our favorite things...if we take the time to create a beautiful space that inspires us. Look at the charming job valued customer, Jim Kempski, has done of turning this once plain white bathroom into a haven that offers glimpses of sea and shore to brighten and inspire the mind:

ceramic tiles for shower
ceramic tiles for shower
ceramic tiles for shower

The bathrooms in most modern American homes just don't go beyond being sterile white. While cleanliness is always priority #1 in a bathroom, it makes an awfully boring environment. Shower time is a time for us to take care of ourselves - a break from days that may otherwise be incredibly busy and filled with taking care of the needs of others. With a few simple touches, you can turn your bathroom into a nook that nourishes your mind and spirit. Our Nautical Tiles are a natural fit for the room in your home that centers on the element of water. Choose from beach scenes and colorful fish, whales, dolphins, seashells and more. Jim's bathroom tile project has turned a blank space into a truly lovely place to spend time and now all those hours in the shower can be spent thinking about the splendor of the seas. How will you beautify the blank slate of your bathroom? We'd love to hear about your bathroom tile project!

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